On the occasion of 60 years from the Independence of the Cyprus Republic, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) participates in the celebratory platform “CYPRUS @ 60” with a representative sample of theatre productions that have left their individual mark during the 50 years of its history, offering to expatriates and everybody that admires Cyprus and its culture, the opportunity to enjoy important moments of the state theatre of Cyprus.

“The Suppliants” by Euripides

Directed by: Nikos Charalambous

First performance: 14 July 1978, Makarios III Amphitheatre


The first production of THOC at Epidaurus (1980), in which the ensemble of the Organisation left excellent impressions, paralleling the history of the Argian women with the then very recent Cyprus tragedy of 1974.

“Samia” by Menander

Directed by: Evis Gavrielidis

First performance: 1 July 1993, Makarios III Amphitheatre


The romantic comedy of Menander, with unpredictable misunderstandings and heart felt nuances, represents one of the most successful performances in THOC’s history and gave wide recognition of the director in Epidaurus. It was furthermore staged in 3 reproductions (1994, 2012 and 2013), with different casts.

“The Clouds” by Aristophanes

Directed by: Varnavas Kyriazis

First performance: 24 June 2009, Makarios III Amphitheatre


The major topic of education and the satire of sophistic teaching inspired the ensemble of THOC to act skilfully between comic and satire, laughter and discretion, creating a very stirring performance.

“Persians” by Aeschylus

Directed by: Aris Biniaris

First performance: 13 July 2017, Makarios III Amphitheatre


The oldest surviving tragedy in history of theatre constituted a memorable theatrical and musical event for audiences in Cyprus and Greece. A landmark performance in today’s interpretation of ancient Greek drama.

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The Cyprus High Commission in the UK celebrates the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus with a series of online cultural events in collaboration with Cypriot and British academic and cultural institutions, showcasing Cyprus’s cultural heritage as well as contemporary Cypriot culture. Join us for a week of concerts, performances, webinars, interviews, panel discussions, live streamings and film premieres.