On the occasion of 60 years from the Independence of the Cyprus Republic, the Cyprus Theatre Organisation participates in the celebratory platform “CYPRUS @ 60” with a representative sample of theatre productions that have left their individual mark during the 50 years of its history, offering to expatriates and everybody that admires Cyprus and its culture, the opportunity to enjoy important moments of the state theatre of Cyprus.  ​

“Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov 

Directed by: Nikos Charalambous 

First performance: 30 October 1993, Nicosia Municipal Theatre 

The masterpiece of the great Russian writer, about the solitude and the illusions of human existence, was presented artfully on THOC’s stage, imbued with poetry and the artistic simplicity of the white colour.  

“Thank God We Became Rich” by Michalis Pitsillides 

Directed by: Andreas Marangos 

First performance: 3 June 2006, Amphitheatre Cultural Center “Skali”

A representative example of Cypriot ethnography, written by one of the best theatre writers of this genre. With themes from the Cypriot life in rural areas and enriched with music and songs, the play was directed with grace by the unforgettable actor Andreas Marangos and offered audiences abundant laughter. 

“The Third Wedding Wreath” by Costas Taktsis 

Directed by: Takis Tzamargias 

First performance: 15 November 2014, Theatre THOC, Main Stage Evis Gavrielides Auditorium 

The Greek reality of modern history years is reflected in the tragicomic narration of the two central heroines, Hecuba and Nina. This important interwar novel in its adaptation for the theatre has met with unparalleled interpretations, offering emotional moments to audiences. 

“Petro’s War” by Alki Zei  

Directed by: Takis Tzamargias 

First performance: 9 October 2016, THOC Theatre, Main Stage Evis Gavrielides Auditorium 

The emblematic book of the great Greek writer constitutes a unique witness to the events of the 2nd World War and was embraced by young and adult audiences of the Stage 018 as a pleasant meeting with Peter, his family and friends.

“Scorched” by Wadji Mouawad 

Directed by: Paris Erotokritou 

First performance: 26 January 2017, THOC Theatre, New Stage 

A performance-journey into Lebanon’s turbulent modern history, as well as into the family drama of Zan and Simone, two siblings in search of their parents’ true identity, orchestrated impeccable as a barrage of inventive images. 

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Simon Stephens 

Directed by: Lea Maleni 

First performance: 21 April 2018, THOC Theatre, Main Stage Evis Gavrielides Auditorium 

One of the greatest successes of the English stage, with a unique boy, Christopher Boon, in the lead role, was staged on THOC’s Main Stage; an ensemble performance with rapid pace and an impressive virtual set.  

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