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Louis Nissiotis, Marina Hadjilouca, Eleni Agkastiniotou and Mikaella Melanidou discuss technology and the arts in the time of Covid-19 in a live panel discussion on Zoom. Audience may participate with a Q&A session.

Dr Louis Nisiotis is a Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Campus, specialising in Immersive Technologies (VR/AR/MR/XR) and their application in Cyber-Physical-Social-Systems (CPSS), in education and in the industry. He is interested in utilising XR technologies in convergence with robotics and other emerging disruptive technologies to support the digital transformation of the society, to disrupt the way we (humans) interact with real and virtual environments, with our surroundings and with each other. He is currently engaging in research focusing on innovation and application of XR and Robotics to develop CPSS that seamlessly blend the real with virtual worlds.

Eleni Angastiniotou has been working in the cultural sector since 2011 and is responsible for the cultural affairs at the Austrian Embassy Nicosia. Her experience includes organizing, developing and curating events for various disciplines of the arts.


About Regnosis:

With an online exhibition entitled regnosis, artists form Cyprus and abroad were invited to envision the post-corona era, taking into consideration the socio-political and individual rearrangement which will take place in a pandemic-free world. What is the new knowledge (gnosis - γνῶσις, gnōsis, f. in the Greek language) gained after a possible introspection during this isolation? Reflecting how the new world will be operating and the adaptation that it might entail, regnōsis* should be understood as a process of re-establishing and regaining knowledge in a scenario of a new order.

Marina Hadjilouca is a Performance Designer and the co-founder of Schedia, a design studio based in Cyprus, specialising in social engagement within the public realm. As a practitioner, Marina creates Scenographic Interventions in contested public spaces and designs sets and costumes for theatrical performances and the opera. She has collaborated with major theatre organisations in the UK, Cyprus and Greece, including Arcola's Grimeborn Festival, the National Theatre of Cyprus
and the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama.

Marina recently curated the online exhibition Together / Apart: Going New Places under the auspices of the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission.

Mikaella Melanidou is an artist, curator and interactive workshop teacher, where her career consists of a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, following a Masters in Kingston University London in Art and Design History, focusing in psychology and feminist art.  Her artwork takes a critical view of current social, political and cultural issues, where it explores the varying relationships between culture and fine art. Each one of her projects consists of multiple of works, often in a range of different media, grouped in specific themes and meanings. She is mostly exploring different medium approaches of painting and illustration work. She is the co-founder of Visual Space.


About Visual Space:

Visual Space is an online platform which aims to promote emerging artists from all around the world through online exhibitions, art blogs, and other online content.

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The Cyprus High Commission in the UK celebrates the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus with a series of online cultural events in collaboration with Cypriot and British academic and cultural institutions, showcasing Cyprus’s cultural heritage as well as contemporary Cypriot culture. Join us for a week of concerts, performances, webinars, interviews, panel discussions, live streamings and film premieres.