In states of lockdown and social distancing, we are forced to adapt to new realities that challenge familiar modalities of cultural activity and consumption. In view of the unprecedented effects of the Covid19 pandemic on the cultural sector, the Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission in the UK invites seven Cypriot artists, based in Cyprus or the UK, to participate in a responsive online group exhibition, entitled ‘Together / Apart : Going New Places’. 


The exhibition explores notions of togetherness, distance, alienation, and re-imaginings of the divide between private and public space; what does it mean to communicate, to be affectionate, to be together in times of ‘social distancing’? What happens when the boundaries between private and public, isolation and exposure, alienation and connection are blurred in physical and affective terms?


Hun Adamoglu, Michalis Charalambous, Demetra Kallitsi, Panayiotis Mina, Alexandros Pissourios, Mala Siamptani and Natalie Yiaxi engage with the current challenge in creative ways and through a variety of media, which you are welcome to explore!