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The Cultural Section of the Cyprus High Commission promotes Cyprus History and Culture in the UK. We host, organise and support initiatives and events, and create collaborations with cultural institutions, educational bodies, and universities. Our primary aim is to engage the Cypriot community and the wider public in a dynamic cultural dialogue. To this end, we support cultural production by emerging artists in various forms of art (music, theatre, fine arts, film) by providing platforms to show their work and by facilitating their collaborations with international institutions.




Marios Theocharous
Cultural Counsellor 

Whilst Cyprus is at the threshold of a new era, after a period of intense crisis, numerous opportunities are offered so that it can be placed globally through pioneering approaches. In such a significant moment, I undertook the position of the Cultural Counsellor, at the newly established Deputy Ministry of Culture, in the High Commission of Cyprus in the United Kingdom, based in London.

Cultural diplomacy as a definition is considered relatively new, however, its implementation is as old as international relations are. In the current international world, culture might constitute a bridge of understanding. Nevertheless, for the countries, which are deprived of ascendancy based on arms or heavy industry, culture entails an important factor of soft power with huge possibilities of growth.

Conservation, promotion and exploitation of the cultural heritage, as well as the intangible cultural heritage comprise a priority target of cultural diplomacy, since they pertain to the exchange of ideas, data, arts and other aspects of culture among nations and people in order to foster mutual understanding.   

Having all this in mind we propose a series of actions under the name “Skitali” (In English it is a baton: A short stick passed from runner to runner in a relay race), bringing together individuals from various areas of interest who traditionally do not get in touch, by creating communication channels among artists, professors, university students and journalists. The aim of the new programme is the achievement of dialogue, mutual respect as well as the creation and consolidation of a climate of confidence with the involvement of all citizens. We will offer the opportunity to people, originating from different environments to interact, coexist and form positive images for each other, for everyone else. These actions will always remind us that the course of actions is not just moments, but the way these actions are amalgamated is also crucial.


We invite both organised groups and informal groups, to submit proposals in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the Cyprus High Commission, through the application forms, which can be found on our webpage. The proposed actions should have as a priority a two-way communication between Cyprus and the United Kingdom, holding the “baton” in movement. As long as the baton remains on the run, the race - the fight - continues.

Marios Theocharous

Cultural Counsellor

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