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London-based Fashion Designer 


Valentina Koutsoudis is a Cypriot fashion designer based in London. She graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Fashion Design. She gained experience interning at Azura Lovisa and now Folkmona, alongside running her own slow fashion, handmade brand called KoutsKouture.
Valentina’s designs reflect her voice and story. Her work is inspired by her beliefs, identity , Cypriot heritage, and elements of who she is as a designer , allowing her to create contemporary and sustainable pieces which are representative of her journey. As a revert to Islam, Valentina faced challenges within her community and found herself at a crossroad where being Cypriot and Muslim juxtaposed one another. She emphasises that one’s faith journey doesn’t compromise their cultural identity nor their creative expression.
She challenges this paradox throughout her work, by fusing design elements such as the traditional practice of handmade ‘Lefkaritika Lace’ , with elements of modesty through oversized silhouettes and head coverings. She seeks to fuse and honour traditional Cypriot craftmanship and heritage whilst still referencing her aesthetic and narrative. 

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London-based Fashion Designer, Textile Designer and Clothing Brand


Folkmona Brand, founded by Andreani Panayide, stands as a cultural beacon dedicated to the preservation of Cyprus's rich heritage. Born out of a passion for tradition and inspired by the fabric of Alatsia, Folkmona seamlessly intertwines the past with the present.

Specializing in the reimagining of traditional costumes, Folkmona breathes new life into age-old designs. Andreani's vision extends beyond fashion, fostering a commitment to cultural education and preservation. As a member of the Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus, Folkmona actively contributes to exhibitions promoting Cypriot traditions, including showcases in "Gardens of the Future" in Cyprus and the "High Commission of Cyprus" in London.

Beyond aesthetics, Folkmona serves as a cultural bridge, connecting generations and embodying the essence of Cyprus's identity. With each garment, Folkmona not only celebrates the vibrancy of tradition but also ensures its endurance in the contemporary world. Through Andreani's dedication and creative flair, Folkmona emerges as a testament to the timeless beauty of cultural heritage. 

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London-based Set and Costume Designer 

Petros Kourtellaris

Petros Kourtellaris is a Cyprus born, Wales trained and London based designer who works across the principles of set, costume and makeup. Upon finishing high school with distinction and completing his military service he enrolled at royal welsh college of music and drama. He graduated in 2020 with first class honours. In 2021, he was one of the 12 recipients of the Linbury Prize and has consequently showcased his work at the National theatre. He has worked both in theatre and film for prestigious projects  for netflix, disney, and the bbc. His most recent project “Boy with a thousand faces” was a performance artist for Sessions x spel, which saw the exploration of three archetypes, a soldier, venus and the lady of the lent. 

Contact details: 

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  • 1011322
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