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London-based Visual Artist & Set Designer 

Maya Angeli 

I am a Set Designer/Stylist currently living and working in London. 

I started my career as a theatre and opera set&costume designer in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and London. I am highly experienced in developing projects from scratch to the very end. From the creative direction, image research and mock-up development to the supervision of the building team and collaboration with the sound and light designers at the end of the making process.

I like challenging myself accepting jobs from different backgrounds. I enjoy experimenting with scale and proportions, colours and different materials, light and shadow, observing and trying to create new worlds.
Storytelling and concept are very important in my work. 

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Oxford-based Visual artist, Filmmaker and Photographer 

Thomas Nicolaou

Thomas Nicolaou is a British, Oxford based visual artist, graphic designer and tutor. Thomas studied printing, publishing and graphic design and worked for a number of years in publishing as a designer. The first book he made was the artists’ book Pensées with British artist Jeremy Deller. In 2008, his ‘Camden Chip Shop’ photograph was selected and screened as part of Street and Studio exhibition at Tate Modern. In 2016, he graduated from the MA Photographic Studies (now MA Photography Arts) course at the University of Westminster. His first London solo exhibition was at the Hellenic Centre, London, 2017. 

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Surrey based Actor, Actress, Theatre Producer and Singer 

Elena Hadjiafxendi

"Elena Hadjifaxendi is a Greek-Cypriot actress and soprano. Elena studied Opera at the Conservatory Elefthero in Greece, acting at the Drama School of National Theatre of Northern Greece and musical theatre at the Associated Studios in London. She graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with BA (Hons) Primary School Education and from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with an MA in Drama and Education.
She has worked in the UK and Europe (Cyprus, Greece, Italy) with directors and musicians in classical and contemporary theatre, in musical theatre, operettas, cinema and television. These include but are not limited to Heinz-Uwe Haus, Fabio Tolledi, Mikis Theodorakis, George Hatzinasios, Spyros Evaggelatos, Alexandros Evklidis, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Elli Papakonstantinou.
Performance highlights include: EU IMMIGRANTS (Round House and Tate Modern, London), Cyprus’s Rhymes of Love (Paphos), Oedipus Rex and Women in Parliament ( Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus), The Daughter of the Storm (Athens Festival),  Axios Esti (Union Chapel, London), The Lady from the Sea (National Theatre of Cyprus - THOC)." 

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London-based Set and Costume Designer

Petros Kourtellaris

Petros Kourtellaris is a Cyprus born, Wales trained and London based designer who works across the principles of set, costume and makeup. Upon finishing high school with distinction and completing his military service he enrolled at royal welsh college of music and drama. He graduated in 2020 with first class honours. In 2021, he was one of the 12 recipients of the Linbury Prize and has consequently showcased his work at the National theatre. He has worked both in theatre and film for prestigious projects  for netflix, disney, and the bbc. His most recent project “Boy with a thousand faces” was a performance artist for Sessions x spel, which saw the exploration of three archetypes, a soldier, venus and the lady of the lent.

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Giorgos Othonos.jpeg

London-based Director, Fillmaker, Motion Capture and Virtual Production

Giorgos Othonos

Hello, my name is Giorgos Othonos, I was born in Limassol, Cyprus, and in 2018 I moved to the United Kingdom to study Film Technology and Visual Effects. With a strong background in virtual production, Unreal Engine, and motion capture technology.

I am currently based in London, England, where I work as a Junior Performance Capture Technician at Centroid Motion Capture. Previously, I worked as a Location Marshal at New Pictures, where I provided valuable support to TV production crews, including cleaning locations, moving video villages, and assisting actors on set.

My educational journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Film Technology and Visual Effects from Birmingham City University and in Multimedia from Cyprus University of Technology. Throughout my academic and professional career, I've been actively involved in various film-related roles, including producer, director, editor, and motion capture technician in student film projects.

In summary, I am deeply passionate about virtual production and technology, and my diverse experiences reflect my commitment to the field. 

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Chrisanthi Livadiotis.jpeg

London-based actress

Chrisanthi Livadiotis

I am an actor, artist, and activist. I began acting with ACT (Anglo Cypriot Theatre) group in Cyprus. I went on to graduate in BA Drama with a First Class Honours degree from Queen Mary University of London, during which I undertook a semester abroad at Columbia University in New York.

I was co-founder, rehearsal director and performer at Stage 3 - an award-winning People Palace Projects participatory theatre experience that generates discussion about migration, discrimination, and belonging (Gate Theatre and UK tour).

Commissioned to create ‘Filo Pastry’; a dive into my great grandfathers experience of Cypriot migration to London in the 1930s, for ‘;an Ethnography’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ project.

As an actor, I recently returned to London after performing two plays with a touring theatre company based in France and Belgium.

As a performance maker, I have co-created ‘Safari’, a verbatim piece which touches on voyeurism, surveillance and the male gaze, performed at Theatre Deli as part of Shift and Space and showcased and supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, and Runt of the Litter.

My upcoming projects involve a hybrid residency with Theatre in Palm. 

Contact details: 

    Pavlos Christodoulou_edited.jpg

    London-based Theatre Director, Singer, Interactive Performance, Installation Artist 

    Pavlos Christodoulou

    I am an artist and theatre maker working at the intersection of live art, immersive experience and performance. I’ve worked as a director and maker in theatres and festivals across the UK and have experience working with artistic collaborators, professional actors, young people and different communities. At the heart of my work is the invitation to play, and in accepting this invitation, an audience forms a temporary community that thinks collectively about complex ideas through games and joyful encounters. I often focus on ‘small p’ politics and finding the grey in an attempt to resist binaries. My work is optimistic about the power and desire of people to imagine a better world and way of living. It can look very different every time, and I believe in creating transparent structures that openly declare how they work to make the work accessible and unintimidating. I am currently developing a series of work under the name Chatterbox, a standalone audio immersive experience tailored to a variety of topics that invites audiences into a sound world which can facilitate them slowing down and encountering ideas and each other in a new way. 

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