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London-based Visual Artist

Alexandros Kapraras 


1993-1995 MA at Royal College of Art UK

1988-1991 Fresco and Byzantine Art

1987-1988 Sculpture

1986-1989 History of Art

1986-1991 Athens School of Fine Art 

Contact details: 

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    Birmingham-based Visual Artist

    Constantinos Sophocleous

    Constantinos Sophocleous is an award-winning animator in Cyprus. He has more than 10 years of experience as an Animator in VFX Films and Games. Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts with Honours from the University of Westminster in 2016 and with Master of Science in Computer Animation from the University of Kent in 2017. His graduation film "Enslaved" won the International Motion Festival (IMF) and selected by several international film festivals. Also, he won with the talented team of One Of Us the Best Visual Effects VFX award for the film Pinocchio at  David di Donatello awards (2020) in Italy and also the Best Film Award for the film Dragon Recipes directed by Maria Pavlou at AnimaFest Cyprus 2019. 

    He also has full professional proficiency in using Autodesk Maya,Autodesk Motion Builder, 3Ds Max, Unreal Engine, Unity, Adobe After Effects and a variety of programs such as Python, Houdini, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop,, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier Pro, and Foundry Nuke. He had taught his knowledge in Universities and from online courses. 

    He is currently working at Electronic Arts in Birmingham on high End AAA game. 

    Contact details: 

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    Exeter-based Visual Artist 

    Dimitrios Tsouris 

    Born Nicosia, Cyprus, is a full time visual artist working in the style of abstract expressionism both in the UK and Cyprus. 

    Mixed Exhibition, Exeter Community Centre, 2019
    Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus 2018       
    North Street Gallery, Ashburton, 2018
    Studio Exhibition, Devon, 2018    
    Devon Open Studios, 2018
    Cornaro Art Institute, Larnaka, Cyprus, 2017
    Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017
    Elements Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus 2017
    The Studio, Exeter. 2012 (3)  
    iStorm Gallery, Exeter. 2010
    The Gallery, Tavistock, 2008    
    St. Nicolas Church, Dorset. 2007
    St. Martins, Birmingham, 2007
    St. Martins, Birmingham, 2006
    London Institute CC, London, 2006
    Exeter Open Studios. 2010       
    The Gallery, Tavistock. 2008

    English Cathedrals:
    Touring Programme, ‘Contemporary Iconography’.

    Truro cathedral (2 times)
    Exeter cathedral (3)
    Gloucester cathedral (1)
    Worcester cathedral (2)
    Wells cathedral (3)
    Hereford cathedral (1)
    Bristol cathedral (1)
    Tewksbury Abbey (2)
    Southwell Minster (1)
    Winbourne Minster (1)

    Artist in Residence:       
    Tewksbury Abbey, UK     
    St. Nicholas, Dorset, UK

    Also exhibited abroad:
    Cyprus – Italy – Holland - Greece 

    Contact details:

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    Oxfordshire-based Visual Artist, Filmmaker and Photographer 

    Thomas Nicolaou 

    Thomas Nicolaou is a British, Oxford based visual artist, graphic designer and tutor. Thomas studied printing, publishing and graphic design and worked for a number of years in publishing as a designer. The first book he made was the artists’ book Pensées with British artist Jeremy Deller. In 2008, his ‘Camden Chip Shop’ photograph was selected and screened as part of Street and Studio exhibition at Tate Modern. In 2016, he graduated from the MA Photographic Studies (now MA Photography Arts) course at the University of Westminster. His first London solo exhibition was at the Hellenic Centre, London, 2017. 

    Contact details:

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    Yeliz Zaifoglu.png

    London-based Film maker, Photographer, Zine Illustration 

    Boxed (aka Yeliz Zaifoglu) 

    Yeliz Zaifoglu is a freelance analogue photographer and filmmaker. Using 24,35 & 120mm she captures a variety of subjects usually surrounding the themes of identity, heritage and femininity. Alongside practicing editorial work and passion projects around youth culture. 
    During her studies at the University of Brighton, she was awarded the BeePurple Start-up & Booster Grant to enable the production of her zine ‘Stoxed’, showcasing a range of young UK creative. After selling out her first issue in a week, Yeliz continued to do zine illustration working with Museum of London. In terms of filmmaking, she directed a short documentary on the social environment menstruation lives in Gen Z, ‘Boring Period’ (Best Documentary 2023 nominee at SWIFF Festival) and Cypriot heritage focused short ‘This is to be Understood’. 

    Yeliz broke into exhibiting in 2023 showing work at Creative Sparks by Creative Youth Charity at Fusebox Kingston in and Take More Photos x Outernet London’s “Faces of Womanhood”. Continuing on to her first solo show ‘given & found’ powered by Converse, exhibiting her collection of Queer SWANA portraiture; featured in highly regarded media like Culted and Fizzy Mag. 

    Contact details:

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    London-based Photographer and fine art painter 

    Virginia Demetriou 

    I took out a Cypriot passport when I married my husband. I lived in Cyprus and had two children . I started a theatre company with the help of THOC. I was trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama . Did most of my theatre career in USA where i was offered a job teaching the art of verse speaking. I now hold a LAMDA certificate in Speech. I divorced my husband snd went back to live in Lo ndon. I attended the Chelsea School of Art and gained their Foundation Course. I entered the Ruskin School of Art in Cambridge but was struck down with cancer. But I survived. I am currently  contemplating going back to Art School as I  need guidance in putting out some important work. 

    Contact details: 


      London-based Visual Artist & Set Designer 

      Maya Angeli 

      I am a Set Designer/Stylist currently living and working in London. 

      I started my career as a theatre and opera set&costume designer in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and London. I am highly experienced in developing projects from scratch to the very end. From the creative direction, image research and mock-up development to the supervision of the building team and collaboration with the sound and light designers at the end of the making process.

      I like challenging myself accepting jobs from different backgrounds. I enjoy experimenting with scale and proportions, colours and different materials, light and shadow, observing and trying to create new worlds.
      Storytelling and concept are very important in my work. 

      Contact details: 

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      Pavlos Christodoulou.jpg

      London-based Theatre Director, Singer, Interactive Performance, Installation Artist 

      Pavlos Christodoulou

      I am an artist and theatre maker working at the intersection of live art, immersive experience and performance. I’ve worked as a director and maker in theatres and festivals across the UK and have experience working with artistic collaborators, professional actors, young people and different communities. At the heart of my work is the invitation to play, and in accepting this invitation, an audience forms a temporary community that thinks collectively about complex ideas through games and joyful encounters. I often focus on ‘small p’ politics and finding the grey in an attempt to resist binaries. My work is optimistic about the power and desire of people to imagine a better world and way of living. It can look very different every time, and I believe in creating transparent structures that openly declare how they work to make the work accessible and unintimidating. I am currently developing a series of work under the name Chatterbox, a standalone audio immersive experience tailored to a variety of topics that invites audiences into a sound world which can facilitate them slowing down and encountering ideas and each other in a new way. 

      Contact details: 

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      Bath-based artist Stained Glass Artist 

      Themis Mikellides

      From an early age Themis has been inspired by his father, Byron Mikellides, an Oxford Don Professor and an international pioneer in the field of Architectural Psychology. This exposure to the world of architectural psychology, and the international colour conferences attended, has given him an intuitive and scientific background to his use of colour in his architectural stained glass practise. After attending an art foundation course in North Oxfordshire, he was accepted at the internationally renowned Architectural Glass College at Swansea. Twenty years on, a revisit to the now known Swansea Glass College, sees him enrolled on an MA in Glass, where he is currently pursuing the marriage of art and technology. 

      Commissioned works include pieces for Public Art Projects in municipality buildings, schools & hospitals, reflective windows for worship, domestic sites including conservatories, and gallery orientated wall art. Themis is frequently commissioned for public and private works both in England and abroad. Recent international commissions range from medieval windows for a private chapel in Port Harcourt, Nigeria to contemporary windows for Washington and Alaska. 

      Contact details: 

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      London-based Architect, Designer and Curator 

      Urban Radicals 

      URBAN RADICALS designs objects, rooms, architectures and landscapes. We are a network of friends, colleagues and expert collaborators, working together to solve design problems across contexts and scales. We grow through projects, parties, dinners, fishing trips, gardening, stories, painting, cooking, workshops, walks, gatherings and conversations.

      We were selected to curate and design the CYPRUS PAVILION National Participation at the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice 2021, and have been named as one of the Best New Architecture Practices for 2021 by ARCHDAILY, as well as being selected to be one of the Young Architects in Residence at the ARCHITECTURE FOUNDATION in London, for 2021-22. More recently, we have completed a pavilion structure A BRICK FOR VENICE, commissioned by the EUROPEAN CULTURE CENTRE which sits in Giardini della Marinaressa and runs in parallel to the 18th Architecture Biennale in Venice.

      In addition to practice, we teach architectural design at UCL on the MArch Architecture (RIBA II), as well as Westminster on the BA Architecture (RIBA I). 


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      London-based Fashion Designer, Textile Designer and Clothing Brand 

      Folkmona (aka Andreani Panayide)

      Folkmona Brand, founded by Andreani Panayide, stands as a cultural beacon dedicated to the preservation of Cyprus's rich heritage. Born out of a passion for tradition and inspired by the fabric of Alatsia, Folkmona seamlessly intertwines the past with the present.

      Specializing in the reimagining of traditional costumes, Folkmona breathes new life into age-old designs. Andreani's vision extends beyond fashion, fostering a commitment to cultural education and preservation. As a member of the Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus, Folkmona actively contributes to exhibitions promoting Cypriot traditions, including showcases in "Gardens of the Future" in Cyprus and the "High Commission of Cyprus" in London.

      Beyond aesthetics, Folkmona serves as a cultural bridge, connecting generations and embodying the essence of Cyprus's identity. With each garment, Folkmona not only celebrates the vibrancy of tradition but also ensures its endurance in the contemporary world. Through Andreani's dedication and creative flair, Folkmona emerges as a testament to the timeless beauty of cultural heritage. 

      Contact details: 

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      London-based Theatre director, Filmmaker, Visual Artist 

      Nefeli Kentoni

      Nefeli Kentoni (b.1998, Cyprus) is a London based awarded director, writer, and visual artist. The theatrical and cinematic form have been the platform in which she negotiates and experiments the gaps between language and image, the implicit exertions that sustain the performer-viewer relationship, and the performativity of space. Her characters exist in stylized, absurdist, and unstable worlds which defy the rules of logic and time. 
      She graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and then went on to complete an MA at Central Saint Martins UAL, where she was nominated for the MullenLowe NOVA Award. She has presented her work in Prague Quadrennial, Tate Modern, Barbican Centre, The Place, Museu de les Ciéncies (Valencia), and specifically in Cyprus at Buffer Fringe, NiMac, eltaller, Mitos, and Images & Views of Alternative Cinema. During 2020 she was Writer in Residency at the Tate Exchange in 2020, and was also part of the Young Visual Arts Group at the Barbican for two consecutive years. Her short film “Fragility of Language” won the Screendance Short Film Competition at the 36th Leeds International Film Festival. 

      Contact details:

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