About the Artists

Hun Adamoglu

Hun Adamoğlu (b. 1975) was born in Cyprus, but his family moved to London, UK in 1980 where the artist grew up. He graduated from Southampton Solent University with a B.A. Fine Art degree in 1998.

Hun started his career as a foundry technician before setting up his studio Adamoğlu Atelier in North London in 1998. Throughout his early career the artist engaged in various art projects, from creating handmade pattern designs for the textile industry to illustrating publications. Between 2009 and 2012 he travelled internationally to advance his art practice and has spent periods of time in the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. At the same time, the artist started building his own body of works, primarily oil paintings and graphite illustrations depicting humanity and emotional verism.

The artist’s portfolio includes over a hundred of exclusive fine art works, paintings and drawings. Over thirty of his illustrated works have been published in international newspapers, and five published book editions feature the artist’s illustrations and designs.


Michalis Charalambous

Michalis Charalambous (b. 1987, Nicosia, Cyprus) is a Visual Artist. Michalis’s practice includes ceramic, filmmaking and painting. He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Visual and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013.


His Master dissertation (MA, Open University of Cyprus, 2019) focuses on the activity and influence of independent Artist-Run spaces in Cyprus. He has participated in national and international festivals and exhibitions like the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture (Cyprus Pavilion, 2018), the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017, “Imagined Homes”), the special screening programme at 58th Thessaloniki International film Festival, the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (2016) with the documentary “Anamones” and the PAFOS 2017 group exhibition “Weaving Europe”.


Finally, he has participated in artist residencies in Lecce/ Puglia, IT (BJCEM, “LandXcape”) and in Barcelona, SP (Can Serrat).


Demetra Kallitsi (b. 1989, Nicosia, Cyprus) is a conceptual artist, working in performance art, textiles/embroidery and poetry/creative writing. She completed an MA in Fine Arts at The University of Brighton, UK, 2013. Kallitsi has presented her artwork in solo and collaborative art performances, art exhibitions, short films and theatre plays in Cyprus, Germany, Malta, Italy and the United Kingdom. Her poetry work has been featured in literary journals, publications and music vocals.


In 2017, she served as Financial Manager for PRWeile Studio, Berlin, Germany, in 2014-2016 as Cultural Officer at ARTos Cultural & Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus and in 2013 as Museum Coordinator for the Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus. Kallitsi is currently working on participatory practices for civic engagement in decision making process at the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development – SeeD, Cyprus. Since 2018, she is the Coordinator for Xarkis Festival and Artists Residency and a Board Member of the cultural organisation Xarkis, Nicosia, Cyprus.



Demetra Kallitsi

Panayiotis Mina

Panagiotis Mina (b. 1982, Larnaca, Cyprus) completed a BA in Communication Culture and Media at Coventry University in the UK. He has been working as a freelance photographer, film creator and as an audio-visual artist in Cyprus since 2003. He works within multicultural platforms using visual and/or acoustical elements to create distinct objects, performances and texts that frequently cross the lines between parody, reality, auteurship, art and pop culture. As a musician, he performs using a selection of electronic modular synthesisers, drum machines and haptic instruments, guitars, drums and microphones which metamorphose constantly as his sets are often based on autoschediasms. 


Instagram: therealpannybrown

bandcamp: Hawaiiprus 

Soundcloud: panayotis 

Alexandros Pissourios

Alexandros Pissourios (b. 1982, Limassol, Cyprus) is a filmmaker based in London who works with analogue film, digital video as well as photography. His filmmaking is motivated by observational attentiveness and carries an affinity to experimental traditions. He explores aesthetic values and employs image-making techniques to engage with places and their context as well as individuals and their real-life circumstances. 



Mala Siamptani 

Mala Siamptani (b. 1988, Nicosia, Cyprus) is a design practitioner with substantial experience in the research, development and delivery of creative projects in Fashion, Design and Art sector. After obtaining two Masters degrees and currently conducting a PhD research, Mala runs her studio in east London specializing in the design and manufacture of products and sculptural objects. Mala has designed and manufactured jewellery and object collections which have been exhibited in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany and the UK. Following extensive material research, Mala’s work attempts to connect traditional craft with digital technology.


This is evident through her work in education, where she has been providing up-to-date knowledge, expertise and experience of professional practice in a specific 3D/Jewellery specialist subject area. Mala delivers workshops and presentations on experimental processes and the future of material culture. She has recently presented her research projects at the Global fashion Conference (UK), the Creativity Researchers Conference and the 1st World Symposium for Fashion, Jewellery and accessories (Shanghai). Through her design work and research, Mala demonstrates both the use and need for material research and its acknowledgment of experiential knowledge to advance craft thinking and practice.



Natalie Yiaxi

Natalie Yiaxi (b. 1980, Nicosia, Cyprus) is a visual artist living and working in Nicosia. Recent shows include: Hypersurfacing, curated by Marina Christodoulidou (2019) CY, Summer is the Opposite of History, curated by Despina Zefkili (2019) GR, Phase 1 and Phase 2, DriveDrive artist-run space (2018) CY, MLNY, and Adhocracy Vol.1: Books and Tools at PARTY Contemporary (2018) CY, Notes on Today from Tomorrow, curated by CM Turner (2018), USA.


She is a graduate of the School of Art and Design of Coventry University (2002), the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies of Warwick University (2003) and Camberwell College of Arts (2011). In 2018, she co-founded the artist-run gallery PARTY Contemporary in Nicosia. In 2015, she was a DESTE Prize finalist and in 2013 she co-represented the Republic of Cyprus at the 55th Venice Biennale.


About the Curator

Marina Hadjilouca

Marina Hadjilouca is a Performance Designer and the co-founder of Schedia, a design studio based in Cyprus, specialising in social engagement within the public realm. As a practitioner, Marina creates Scenographic Interventions in contested public spaces and designs sets and costumes for theatrical performances and the opera. She has collaborated with major theatre organisations in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.


As a researcher Marina focuses on the use of performance design as a methodology for socially engaged art practices. Research interests include politicised art practices, agonistic theory, neoliberal urbanism, public spaces and privatisation. She has presented her research in conferences and symposiums in Europe and the UK and has published papers in conference proceedings. Marina is a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and is also one of the founders and organisers of the Socially Engaged Design Conference in Cyprus.


Hadjilouca holds a BA(Hons) in Theatre Design for Performance and a MA in Narrative Environments. Currently she is working on her PhD research at the Royal College of Art.