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Could you please rethink under-standing?

Art exhibition at Europe House, 12 Star Gallery, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU

Departing from an observation that the work produced by Cypriot visual artists often resonates in a very particular way, this show is set to explore what we begin to think as Cypriot sensibility. Within a great variety of approaches and content, there is a sense of something purely visual and difficult to articulate: something that provokes a Cypriot-specific reception of images encompassing particular aesthetics, sensitivity, and emotional quality.

Helen Michael, Anastasia Mina, and George Petrou exhibit work from their current practices, created both individually and collaboratively for this show. Hopefully, could you please rethink under-standing will allow space for the artists and viewers to explore the possibility of existence of a Cypriot visual dialect.

Photographs by Jamie Smith

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