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The turbulent life of Ririka Schweitzer | 8 July 2019 | The Cockpit Theatre

The Cyprus High Commission and the Open University of Cyprus present “The turbulent life of Ririka Schweitzer”, a postmodern Musical Play by Eustathia.

"When our desires go unfulfilled, they become stagnant and repressed. And then our dark self emerges. But again, what would we do without dreams? "

Greek - Cypriot actress and soprano singer Elena Hadjiafxendi embodies the role of Ririka Schweitzer, a heroine born in the late 19th century. Greek songwriter Eustathia narrates Ririka’s life on stage through stories and arias from Greek Operettas, songs from the interwar era and original songs. Ririka Schweitzer starts her long journey to make her dream come true to become a great artist of vaudeville in a very difficult time for women. Will she realize her dreams? One thing is certain… her story will touch your heart! The play is devoted to those who dare to dream.

Free attendance, REGISTER HERE

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Duration: 80 minutes

Language: Greek (with surtitles in English)

Text, original music and songs, performance: Eustathia

Directing / performance: Elena Hadjiafxendi

Piano / arrangements: Haris Botsis

Acoustic guitar-vocals: George Patsiotis

Violin: Melina Delikou

Lighting: Giorgos Charalambous (Azaad)

Music editors: Eustathia, Elena Hadjiafxendi, Haris Botsis

Choreography: Konstantinos Papanikolaou

Costumes: Christina Panopoulou, Areti Moustaka

Assistant Director, Artistic Advisor: Eleni Politopoulou

Production Assistant: Afxentis Hadjiafxentis

Photos: Thomas Palyvos

Hair styling: Massimo Curti

Makeup Artist: Maria Ioannidou

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