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A photography exhibition, entitled “Coral Reefs: Beauty in Crisis”, was launched on Thursday 3 October at the gallery halls of the Cyprus High Commission in London. The exhibition, which is co-organised with The Royal Commonwealth Society, features more than thirty prints on canvas of underwater photography by Terence Dormer and will be open to the public until Friday 11th of October.

Cyprus High Commissioner, Mr Andreas S. Kakouris, welcomed an enthusiastic audience to the High Commission, before highlighting the importance of such events to raise awareness about the necessity to protect our oceans and marine ecosystem. He also pointed out the Commonwealth’s leading activity and combined efforts for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainability. Mr Nathan McKenzie, Head of Public Affairs at The Royal Commonwealth Society, and Mr Jeff Ardron, Commonwealth Blue Charter Lead at the Commonwealth Secretariat, also addressed the audience, outlining lessons-learned and examples of good practice, fostered by the Commonwealth, while stressing the importance of such initiatives not only for promoting sustainability but also collaboration between the member-states of the Commonwealth. Last but not least, the photographer Terence Dormer took the floor, describing the process of taking the photographs, as well as his personal experience of the fading marine ecosystem, emphasizing the urgency to take action for the protection of the biosphere.

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