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Embracing the Cultural Kaleidoscope: A Journey through the 2023 Cultural Review

Dear Esteemed Readers,


Reflecting on the final chapters of 2023, it is with great joy and pride that we portray to you the Cultural Review of the year - a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of diverse cultural experiences brought to you by the Cultural Department of the Cyprus High Commission in London / the UK. In retrospective we invite you to immerse yourself in the moments that shaped our collective cultural journey throughout the year.

Our cultural odyssey commenced with the "Islanders" exhibition, organized by the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, which successfully brought to light the profound impact of insularity in the Mediterranean world. This exhibition, a result of the research programme "Being an Islander," skillfully curated by Dr. Anastasia Christophilopoulou and her team, spans 4,000 years, illustrating how islandic identity shaped the Mediterranean. Part of the project was the installation of a virtual reality experience, which was later hosted at the Cyprus House, as part of the monthly cultural programme in London, on a monthly basis. The experience offered a captivating journey to Choirokoitia, in Cyprus, 10,000 years ago and attracted people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, further solidifying the success of the "Islanders" project in bringing Cyprus closer to the hearts of the diaspora and the broader British community. The initiative exemplified the positive impact of cultural diplomacy, fostering understanding and appreciation across boundaries.

Our journey continued through In Short, the European Short Films Festival, organized by EUNIC London, LEEDS 2023, Leeds International Film Festival, and the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, epitomizing the essence of "Awakening." The thematic strands - Explore, Grow, Surround, and Dream - invited audiences to envision new beginnings, reflect on the past, and dream of a brighter future. Additionally the representation of Cyprus through Nikolas Kasinos' documentary "Rêve /Dream" underscored our commitment to storytelling and the diverse narratives of the European cinema.

Later, the European Writers' Festival, in partnership with EUNIC London, the European Literature Network, and the British Library, was a remarkable exploration of "The Stories We Tell", while Anthony Anaxagorou's insightful reflections on European and non-European identities resonated, acknowledging Cyprus as a bridge between perspectives. His presence reflects our commitment to foster dialogue on cultural identity.

Dr. Nasa Patapiou's lecture on Rizokarpaso Folk Costumes unraveled the historical intricacies of the place, highlighting the importance of preserving and appreciating our unique cultural heritage. Further on, in collaboration with EURAXESS Cyprus, we organized a webinar to promote Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Postdoctoral Fellowships, providing a roadmap for prospective researchers, while just before Pride London we presented "Proud Voices," a dynamic exploration of LGBTQ+ experiences. The inclusive event underscored the power of unity and equality.


Our major event, "Spanos & the Forty Dragons," exceeded expectations as it portrayed unity and collaboration between the two major communities of our island through a significant folk fairy tale. The ten sold-out performances in London and Birmingham and the positive feedback emphasized the transformative power of cooperation and harmony.


In September, the exclusive exhibition "Revive" by The Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus seamlessly blended Cypriot cultural traditions with modern sustainable fashion. This intercommunal initiative celebrated our identity and commitment to a sustainable fashion future. The exhibition became the perfect set up for a captivating performance by the Mediterranean Trio – "Echo of Silence." This chamber music ensemble, with its repertoire of commissioned works, beautifully bridged traditional and contemporary influences from the Mediterranean region.


Our film festival, generously sponsored by the Deputy Ministry of Culture in Cyprus, presented a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition through a compelling lineup of films. Notable was the featured film "Senior Citizen" and the awarded short films of ISFFC 202 that captivated audiences in Leeds, London and Cambridge. As a festive finale to the year, the Christmas Jazz Live concert featuring Katerina Mina promised a magical evening of festive melodies and classic tunes. Katerina's crystal-clear voice and the jazz band's musical prowess were set to create a fabulous musical journey for all attendees.


Embarking on the pages of the 2023 Cultural Review, I extend my sincere gratitude to our dedicated team at the Cultural Department, our collaborators, and, most importantly, to you, our esteemed readers. Your support and enthusiasm have been instrumental in making each cultural endeavor a resounding success. Therefore, let our Review be a source of inspiration, curiosity, and connection, echoing the sentiments of unity and appreciation for cultural diversity.


Marios Theocharous

Cultural Counsellor

Cyprus High Commission in London

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