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Greek Manuscripts in the British Library

British Library Conference Centre 19 September 2016

To mark the completion of the third phase of the Greek Manuscripts Digitisation Project and the launch of the Greek Manuscripts Online web resource, the British Library is hosting a one-day conference devoted to Greek Manuscripts on 19 September, 2016. Confirmed participants include Sebastian Brock (Oriental Institute, Oxford), André Binggeli (IRHT, Paris); Maria Georgopoulou (Gennadius Library, Athens); Elizabeth Jeffreys (Exeter College, Oxford), Scot McKendrick (British Library); Georgi Parpulov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria); Charlotte Roueché (King’s College London), Christopher Wright and Philip Taylor (Royal Holloway, University of London). Speakers will discuss a variety of topics related to the Library’s digitised Greek collections, such as Greek-Syriac palimpsests, Byzantine illuminated manuscripts, Greek written culture and the digital humanities as well as cultural interactions between Greece and Britain.

The conference will be accompanied by an evening lecture by Michael Wood on ‘The Wisdom of the Greeks’. Michael will be looking at how the legacy of Greece and Byzantium in science, religion and literature was transmitted to the Latin West.

Please book your place in advance and register online at

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