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Cyprus Film Days Festival

We are thrilled to bring you a cinematic treat this November Awarded feature film "Senior Citizen" by Marinos Kartikkis and the three awarded short films of the 2022 International Short Film Festival Cyprus in Leeds, London and Cambridge!


FIRST PRIZE FOR THE BEST CYPRIOT SHORT FILM “Daphne” by Tonia Misiali. A plain, frank and touching film, a character study based on a woman whose tour to reclaim herself turns into a reflective and inspired depiction of our time. A story which we will collectively remember as a traumatic plunge into solitude. DINOS KATSOURIDES’ PRIZE FOR THE BEST DIRECTION Tonia Misiali, “Daphne”. The director succeeded in illustrating from different angles the heroine’s yearning for connexion and contact in a world where this becomes more and more unachievable, synthesising with empathy and accuracy a story which analyses the complexity of womanly experience. PRIZE FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE Niovi Charalambous for her coherent, cogent and munificent performance of a protagonist who enacts a heroine with fragile psychological condition in the film “Daphne” by Tonia Misiali. SECOND PRIZE FOR THE BEST CYPRIOT FILM “Ρέβ” by Nicolas Kasinos An innermost delineation of life and stolen dreams. The director uses montage smartly in order to reverse our prejudices against a woman who carries on her shoulders her gloomy story, but simultaneously represents a whole generation of women. PRIZE FOR THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHY “Exploitation” by Marina Symeou. Mr Tsiftelis manages to captivate the panel, mainly due to the beautiful depiction of the heroines and landscapes, giving the feeling of a reframed “Thelma and Louise” film.

Save the dates:

November 26th - Leeds, link for the tickets.

December 2nd - London, link for the tickets.

December 6th - Cambridge, link for the tickets.

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