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Echoes Across Europe: Relive the European Writers' Festival 2024

The echoes of captivating stories still linger! Revisit the magic of the European Writers' Festival 2024, expertly orchestrated by EUNIC London at the prestigious British Library.

Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of diverse voices. From the melancholic beauty of Estonia to the electrifying poetry of Portugal, renowned authors like Ukranian writer Andrey Kurkov and Cyprus's very own Dean Atta, captivated audiences with tales of love, loss, triumphs, and tragedies.

This wasn't just a literary event; it was a symphony of shared experiences, sparking imaginations and challenging perspectives. It was a testament to the enduring power of words to unite us across borders and cultures.

A heartfelt thank you to EUNIC London and its esteemed partners for weaving this unforgettable tapestry:

The European Literature Network

The British Library

Delegation of the European Union and the European Parliament Liaison Office in the United Kingdom

English PEN, Guardian Europe, the Times Literary Supplement, and University College London

Explore the lingering enchantment! Dive into our website archives and rediscover the program, author profiles, and captivating moments.

Many thanks to Marcus Jamieson-Pond ( and Jamie Smith ( who captured these amazing people!

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