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Mediterranean Trio – Echo of Silence

A unique chamber music ensemble comprised of violinist Miltos Papastamou, saxophonist Yiannis Miralis and pianist Michael Tsalka.

Mediterranean Trio is a unique chamber music ensemble comprised of Greek violinist Miltos Papastamou, Cypriot saxophonist Yiannis Miralis and Israeli/Dutch pianist Michael Tsalka. For this concert in London, Cypriot Nicolas Melis will replace Michael Tsalka. The trio will present a diverse repertoire of commissioned works by Greek, Cypriot and Russian-American composers, interspersed with works for their respective solo instruments. The trio aims to promote chamber music for this unusual medium and to incorporate traditional and contemporary music from the Mediterranean.

A critic from a major Cypriot newspaper wrote “This unique chamber music group was able to develop an unusual and fantastic combination between traditional and modern, and offers an impressive array of timbers, utilizing their diverse musical experiences from the worlds of classical, jazz, pop and traditional music.”

The trio was founded on the occasion of the festival Cyprus Spring 2014, organized by the Embassy of Cyprus in Germany. It has performed with great success at the Gasteig Theatre in Munich, the Cultural Festival of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, the Beethovenhaus in Bonn, the Geelvinck museum in Amsterdam, the Volksbühne theatre in Berlin, in Helsinki, Paphos and Limassol. The trio is in the process of producing their first CD.

We are sharing with you moments from the magical evening. Many thanks to Sotria Dymiotis for capturing those moments.

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