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My Finest Fabulous and Amazing Math Book | 1-30 June

by Efi Spyrou

live 29 June 20:00 -22:00 (BST) University of Greenwich, King William Court, Greenwich SE10 9LS


1-30 June

In this video-installation, international model turned visual artist Efi Spyrou addresses the political economy of the female body in fashion and of the artwork in auction houses. The experience of the incessant measuring of her own body in the fashion industry reflects the assessment and evaluation processes involved in the art world in a self-reflexive installation. Fashion meets art meets architecture, turning the spotlight to the spaces where art and the body are constantly measured, assessed, evaluated, sold, while simultaneously being preserved, valued, appreciated, protected.

Conceived and Directed by Efi Spyrou, Curated by Marios Psaras

For the London Festival of Architecture 2021

Photography: Maria Siorba

Filming and documentation: Flor De Maria Hidalgo Pintado, Jose C Goncalves Pedrosa

Video-Editing: Manos Georgakopoulos

Additional text: Antonis Papangelopoulos

Design: Yannis Mantzaris

Make up: Yannis Siskos

Organised by Cyprus High Commission in the UK – Cultural Section,

In collaboration with the diversity+inclusivity by Design (d+iD) research lab at the School of Design, University of Greenwich.

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