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"There is an Island" Art Exhibition at the Cyprus House

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming exhibition, "There is an Island," at Cyprus House in London, offering a captivating journey into the diverse world of Cypriot artistry in the UK. Join us for an exploration of contemporary works from both seasoned and emerging artists, representing various communities and generations.

For reservation click here. Curated tours dates and full program below.

Curated Tours:

  • February 21st @ 11 am

  • February 22nd @ 11 am

  • Thursday, March 14th @ 13:00

  • Friday, March 15th @ 13:00

  • Thursday, March 21st @ 13:00

  • Friday, March 22nd @ 13:00

  • Thursday, April 11th @ 13:00

  • Friday, April 12th @ 13:00

  • Thursday, April 23rd @ 13:00

  • Wednesday, April 24th @ 13:00

  • Friday, May 10th @ 13:00

  • Tuesday, May 21st @ 13:00

  • Wednesday, May 22nd @ 13:00

  • Monday, June 10th @ 13:00

  • Tuesday, June 11th @ 13:00

  • Friday, June 14th @ 13:00

  • Monday, June 17th @ 13:00

  • Tuesday, June 18th @ 13:00

Location: Cyprus House, London

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Artists from All Communities: The exhibition brings together Cypriot artists from Greek-Cypriot, Turkish-Cypriot, Maronite, and Armenian communities, reflecting the island's rich diversity.

  • Documentary Screening: Explore the 20-minute documentary, "Camden to Enfield: A Greek Cypriot Migration Story," shedding light on the dynamic history of Cypriot migration and its impact on London.

Younger Artists:

  • Michaelis Karaiskos

  • Hamit Üçok

  • Olivia Melconian

  • Savvas Theofanous

  • Helen Michael (1972-2021)

  • Christos Michaelides

  • Androulla Michael (Photographer, Curator)

Older Generation of Artists:

  • Doros Partasides

  • Michael Minas

  • Marina Emphietzi

  • Maria Trimikliniotis

  • Chris Neophytou

Documentary Overview: "Camden to Enfield: A Greek Cypriot Migration Story" is part of the "British Cypriot Heritage: A Journey Through Film & Literature," directed by Athena Mandis and Soulla Christodoulou, author.

Introduction: Discover the vibrant threads of Cypriot heritage woven into the UK's cultural mosaic from 1955 to 1961, showcasing stories of aspiration, determination, and contribution.

Migration Highlights: Witness the evolution from seekers of opportunity to economic stalwarts, leaving an imprint on sectors from retail to manufacturing.

Locational Shifts: Explore the socio-economic ascent mirrored in their residential trajectory, moving from Camden to the northern boroughs of Green Lanes, Finchley, and beyond.

Artistic Chronicles: Embark on a visual journey inspired by the migration stories, as depicted in the documentary "From Camden to Enfield," part of the Living Memory project.

Mark your calendars, RSVP, and join us for a celebration of culture, identity, and artistic expression at "There is an Island."

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