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Ω ΚΥΠΡΟΣ - Songs of Cyprus: A Musical Journey to our Homeland

Dear friends,

The Cultural Department of the Cyprus High Commission, in London, is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Constantine Andronikou and Olivios Karaolides as they invite us to join them on a mesmerizing musical journey to our beloved homeland through the enchanting melodies of the Cyprus folk songs.

Reserve your spot now via link and join us for an evening filled with unforgettable melodies and cherished memories.

With just one piano and one voice, Constantine and Olivios will guide us through the landscapes of our memories and traditions, immersing us in the timeless beauty of the Cypriot music. From traditional songs that echo the soul of our nation to poignant compositions reflecting on the events of the 1974, this concert promises to be a celebration of the Cyprus' rich cultural heritage.

The two artists curated a diverse selection of songs by Cypriot and Greek composers, including works by Marios Tokas, Mikis Theodorakis, Charis Alexiou, and many more. Each piece reflects the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, resonating with the history and vitality of Cyprus.

Featured Songs Include:

"To Spiti mou" – composed by Olivios Karaolides, a winner of a 1st prize.


"To Oneiro


"Mikri Patrida"


"Agapisatin pou karkias"

"Ela Korou"


"Chrysoprasino Filo" (Lyrics by Leonidas Malenis)

Join us, as we get along with Constantine Andronikou and Olivios Karaolides and embark on this captivating musical odyssey, uniting hearts and souls through the universal language of music.

Date: Wednesday, June 12th, 2024

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00PM

Location: The Cyprus House, 13 St. James’s Square, St. James, London SW1Y 4LB

We look forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with you.

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