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A Slight Risk

Stage reading at Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE

Set in Kerinia during the three days of the 2004 Annan referendum in Cyprus A Slight Risk examines the latent conflicts camouflaged in the psyches of an apparently trouble-free couple that came to spend the rest of their lives in a place by the sea and under the sun. In this acutely researched play which was first presented in Kypria International Festival 2012, Paris Erotokritou, engraves the potent ties of the English with their home and property-ownership. Bursting open the clichés of the moneyed, tanned middle-aged, ex-pat A Slight Risk unravels the exploitative relationships and the politics hiding in the brick and mortar of a house in the northern occupied part of Cyprus forcing not only a change of address, but a crumbling demolition of desires and expectations.

Photographs by Doros Partasides

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