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A lecture “Rizokarpaso Folk Costumes: a unique cultural dress code” by the historian and researcher

The speaker will present historical data about Rizokarpaso, the occupied small town and study the reasons of development of this unique and unmatched cultural dress code at the far end of the Karpaseia peninsula. Additionally, she will refer to when the name Karpasi (Carpasso or Carpasse in Latinocratia sources) was turned into Rizokarpaso and why the whole peninsula with the prior to Franks/Byzantines name from Akrotiki was turned by the Franks and afterwards adopted by the Venetians into Carpasso or Carpasse, which was later named Karpaseia in Greek. Precisely with the same exact name, that is Carpasso or Carpasse, peninsula is not only referred to in western sources but also Rizokarpaso is referred to until the middle of the 16 th century, a fact which caused confusion to researchers and scholars.

Lecture will take place on June 8th and it'll be held in Greek.

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