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Lullabies of the World |23 February, 7:30pm | Hellenic Centre

The Cyprus High Commission presented the musical performance “Lullabies of the World” on February 23rd at the Hellenic Centre in London.

“Lullabies of the World” is a journey around the world, through traditional lullabies from different parts of our planet, adapted into Greek by the Cypriot lyricist Stavros Stavrou. The performance at the Hellenic Centre included lullabies from Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Actress Savvina Georgiou and singer Katerina Paraschou, accompanied by the guitarist Angelos Cheipeloglou, performed the curated collection of lullabies with unique sensitivity, moving the audience to tears. Short videos and animation graphics accompanied each lullaby, enriching the musical experience with images and childhood memories of individuals from the respective countries.


Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 19:30, The Hellenic Centre, London

Performers: Savvina Georgiou, Katerina Paraschou | Greek lyrics & Production: Stavros Stavrou | Arrangements & Guitar: Angelos Cheipeloglou | Directed by Eleni Anastasiou | Set and Costume design: Constantina Andreou | Video art: Michalis Cleanthous | Videos: Andreas Giavroutas | Production assistant: Anna Kouma | Visual identity: Katerina Tseva | Artwork picture: Persa Zacharia

Organized by: Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section

Sponsored by: Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth – Cultural Services

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